Windows update hangs or Windows 7 keeps on checking or searching updates

Are you having one of the following problems related to Microsoft windows 7 update.
Windows 7 keeps on checking update or searching updates
Windows update stopped working
Microsoft windows does not install the pending updates
Windows does not show the installed updates.
No windows updates after you install IE9.
Windows7 failed to install updates many times.
Windows update hangs
Cause: The problem is due to the default registry size limit in windows 7 which is is 0x8000000 (134217728). You can increase the registry size limit by following steps

Open regedit (Run regedit)

Then goto and modify the value


Key: RegistrySizeLimit, Type: REG_DWORD, Value: 0x8000000 (134217728)

Change the value: 0xFFFFFF (4294967295)

Now reboot the system and check for the updates. You should be able to update


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